After creating and operating restaurants in Mexico, Chef Flor Vertiz moved to Florida and were motivated to recreate that experience they had in Mexico. In the state, they met Sergio Velasco, an entrepreneur and also passionate for Mexican food,  that is how they started the concept of Chilewero as a "stylish neighborhood kitchen".

Our premise is simple; exquisite food, in a place, with great service and all at a good price. We believe that rich Mexican food made with love does not have to be ostentatious or excessively expensive. Our menu 

represents the states of the Mexican Republic highlighting its main dishes.

Come and meet us! We are sure that you would like it. Whether you come as a couple, as a family, with your best friends or alone, you will enjoy exquisite food and service at a good price.



A passion and career cook, Chef Flor Vertiz developed empirically knowledge about Mexican gastronomy from an early age. Later in life she consolidates her passion with a professional career as a Chef. For more than 10 years she has taken her kitchen to different types of consumers, standing out for its flavor and originality.


Originally from Mexico City, her career was consolidated in the city of León Guanajuato where she exploited her potential in traditional Mexican cuisine. Much of his culinary success is due to her Hidalgo roots and the traditional style instilled by her mother - Doña Florencia Vertiz - who demanded quality and flavor as a culinary heritage.


In 2010, she opened her first restaurant "Las Goitaz" and in 2012 he opened "La Flor" banquets. Since 2014, she has advised restaurants on traditional Mexican cuisine and served at exclusive social events in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico City and Hidalgo.

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